Udaariyan 24th November 2021 Written Update

Udaariyan 24th November 2021 Written Update
Udaariyan 24th November 2021 Written Update

Udaariyan 24th November 2021 Written Update.

Upcoming episode of Udriya is going to be very special which everyone was waiting for finally that moment has arrived Fateh who is seeing Tejo and Angad together and he is getting very upset seeing them
Although no one is with her in Jasmine’s Mehndi, all of them have come to Tejo’s house, a small party has been held at Tejo’s house, although the engagement is on the second day, but Tejo’s house is having a lot of party, there is a lot of dance song. In such a situation, whatever Jasmine is, she is left alone because the people of Jasmine’s house have come to Tejo’s house.
Jasmine who is she is very angry, then Angad reaches there due to which Jasmine’s anger erupts on Angad and Jasmine tells Angad that why have you come here to see how I am after this you Let us tell that Angad also comes to Tejon’s house with these people and explains to everyone that these people also have Mehndi.
Tejo also everyone understands this and says that it is not good to leave these people alone, then it will be shown how Jasmine feels Mehndi now and the Mehndi ceremony starts.
Everyone is there and everyone is also getting Jasmine’s blessings and this is happening only because of Tejo and Angad.
On the other hand, Tejo, Angad are together and they are feeding each other something and Fateh who is there is watching these people from a distance and he is not able to say anything after seeing Tejo happy with Angad but His eyes tell everything how upset he is except Tejo
In such a situation, Khushveer Singh will also tell Fateh that you must be realizing now that you have made a big mistake by choosing Jasmine, even though Jasmine is your love but Jasmine is a big mistake.
Now it is interesting to see what the husband does next, hope you like this information, we will update you soon with more information.

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