Udaariyan 16 November 2021 Written Update

Udaariyan 16 November 2021 Written Update
Udriyaya Kahani Episodes Will Be Very Special Upcoming Episodes Will See A Lot Of High Voltage Drama In Upcoming Episodes Will See Tejo Bring A New Twist
Tejo and Angad who are going to do it is going to be very interesting they will marry Jhooth Muth because everyone has come to Jasmine and Fateh’s wedding and bless them
Tejo and Angad are getting engaged that is only for Jasmine & Fateh now you will see that Tejo and Angad will try to assure everyone that they both are getting closer to each other
He will again and again hold hands and come closer so that Fateh will see and he will not tolerate even a single one. Now you will see in the upcoming episodes that Fateh and Jasmine are both Tejo & Angad sitting next to each other.
And is present in the pavilion, now will these people get married, we will update you soon, hope you will like any information.

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