Sasural Simar Ka-2 24th November 2021 written update full episode

Sasural Simar Ka-2 24th November 2021 written update full episode.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 upcoming episode is going to be very special in upcoming episodes you will see lot of high voltage drama

As you saw that both Aarav and Simar were celebrating Karva Chauth’s fast together on the terrace, both were feeding each other food when Aarav who is he wanted to sleep in Simar’s lap.

In such a situation, whatever Simar is, she also says yes and Aarav who is there, he sleeps with his head in Simar’s lap, only then Reema who is here has played a big game.

Where Simar and Aarav are sitting, Reema who is there keeps a mobile, by turning on the video recording, this mobile does not belong to anyone but Vivaan.

Let us tell you that all the video recordings have now come to Reema.

Whoever Aarav is, he is sleeping with his head in Simar’s lap, all this is being recorded and all this record video Geetanjali Devi will see.

And after seeing Gitanjali Devi’s senses will be blown away, she will not believe that her Aarav can also do this, now it is interesting to see what will be the next decision of Gitanjali Devi, you must have liked this information with more information. we will update you soon.

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