Udaariyan 6 September 2021 Written Update New Promo

Udaariyan 6 September 2021 Written Update New Promo.
Udaariyan 6 September 2021 Written Update New Promo

Udaariyan 6 September 2021 Written Update New Promo Today Episode.

The upcoming episode of Udriya is going to be very shocking and twisted. In the upcoming episodes you all will see that Tejo indirectly asked about Fateh’s deception and talked.
Tejo was saying that at the party I went to today, a man had come and he was unfaithful, had left his wife at home and was telling his girlfriend to be his wife. That’s what has happened to Tejo, why is she talking like this?
 Tejo is very upset, Tejo does not understand what he should do, but in the end Tejo understands that others do not keep things with him, in such a situation, let me tell you that whatever is his. has packed everything and put everything in the suitcase and she is about to make a decision
 Tejo is about to take a decision that will change the lives of both the families, that is to say, Fateh and Tejo, now here Tejo has also called Jasmine and has also called Fateh and called both of them to meet.
Now you will see further that where Tejo has called these two, both of them will reach there together and Tejo will put the story of their deception in front of them and will listen to the recording which they did in the party in which husband Jasmine is called I love you. has been and is my wife is my wife is telling everyone
 Now let’s tell you that there is Tejo here she will play the game but will tell both of you that now both of you have to tell the truth and no gun will work here as you have been told twist and many places she will only ask
 Now it has become interesting to see that Tejo has come to know about this, after which what is the reaction of Jasmine and Fateh Tejo has come to know everything, so now what do these two tell to Tejo.
Tejo will definitely leave the house, but Fateh will tell everyone that Tejo is also unfaithful and it will be interesting to see what is the relationship between Tejo and Buzzo when this truth comes out, hope you will like this information and tell by commenting.

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