Udaariyaan 22 September 2021 Promo Update:

Udaariyan 22 September 2021 Promo Update:
Upcoming episodes of Udaria Very interesting In the upcoming episodes, you will all see that Fateh who is shattered is about to cry on his mother’s lap, yes friends, in the new promo, it is being shown that Fateh is the child of small children. Looks like crying on his mother’s lap
He is very emotional and there is a lot of sadness inside him which is coming out of his eyes however what has happened due to which Fateh who is he is completely broken and shattered and crying
But this episode will not be shown yet, this story will be shown after the award function, yes friends, as these people will first go to the award function and then there will be an honor to Fatah and there will also be Jasmine and some big spectacle is going to happen. That’s why this new promo is shown
Let us tell you that Fateh who is he has been showing himself very strong for a long time, but the question arises that how did Fateh who is suddenly broken, has he realized how big a mistake he has made?
What do you think why Fateh has broken so much, do comment and tell, hope you will like the information.

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