Udaariyaan 13th To 18th September 2021 Full Episode Update.

Udaariyaan 13th To 18th September 2021 Full Episode Update.

Udaariyaan 13th To 18th September 2021 Full Episode Update.

Udaariyaan 13th To 18th September 2021 Full Episode Update.

The coming weeks of Serial Udaariyan are going to be very special, you will get to see many Twist and Turns between 13th to 18th September.

In the coming week of Udaariyaan, you will see that Tejo Fateh and Jasmine all three will live together in a house and Tejo will get the same room where she used to live though Fateh will make a spectacle for it.

And will say that I do not love Tejo so will not stay in that room then Khushveer Singh says that such a thing then you hold this girl Jasmine’s hand and get out of this house

After this Fateh will take a big step and he will leave that room with Jasmine and he will go to another room.

Tejo has not come here for her rights, she has already said that when my husband is not mine, then what is the matter of right, now Tejo’s biggest purpose here is that grandmother, because grandmother’s health It gets worse and Dadi doesn’t get another heart attack, so Tejo stops there.

 But now Jasmine who is she will make Tejo’s life haraam she will again and again in front of all three and will challenge her and will come to her room and say that the room you are staying in was my room before and will still be

Earlier I was going to come in this house and according to me it was this room now you are in this room but very soon you will go out of this room I have the right on everything kept in this room, now Tejo Jasmine has a good answer Will give and say that if she has got the right to claim this much to you, then do not tell the rights on other things on the wall, claim rights on the hearts of people.

That is, now Tejo will give an open challenge to Jasmine, now both sisters have become face to face and Jasmine will play a new trick, she wants Tejo to be thrown out of this house by any means.

 And she wants that somehow she should also marry Fateh as soon as possible but how will the marriage happen unless Fateh will divorce Tejo so Jasmine will do the trick and she will spoil Tejo’s image in front of Fateh and provoke him that Divorce Tejo

And then Fateh will get tired and hand over the divorce paper to Tejo and Ganpati ji is at home and Tejo is taking part in all the programs in the worship of Ganpati festival.

Although Tejo is very sad inside that the way Fateh Jasmine is doing with her, it is interesting to see that whoever signs this divorce paper or does not forget to watch the serial Udriya hope that you get this information. would have liked.

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