Udaariyaan 5 August 2021 Written Update

Udaariyaan 5 August 2021 Written Update Today Promo.

Udaariyaan 5 August 2021 Written Update

The upcoming episode of Udaariyan is going to be very exciting and exciting.

In the upcoming episode of Udriyaya you will see that Gippy who is he will chase more and while chasing he will come to know that both of them have gone to have lunch at Sher e Punjab Dhaba yes friends and they join hand to hand over there. sitting with one’s head on another’s shoulder

Gippy will be fond of seeing these two sitting and having lunch and he will call Tejo and call Tejo and say that Tejo ji, I have only one chance and I do not want to give this opportunity out of hand, you please come to Punjab Dhaba. go

But Tejo will not straight away and will say that now don’t call me again but Tejo will say yes to Gippy repeatedly and she will be ready to come, now it will be interesting to see whether Gippy will be successful in his plan or not. Will he be able to catch Fateh and Jasmine red handed in front of Tejo?

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