Udaariyaan 30 August 2021 Written Update Today Full Episode.

Udaariyaan 30 August 2021 Written Update Full Episode Today.

Udaariyaan 30 August 2021 Written Update Full Episode Today.
In the upcoming episode of Udaariyan, you all will get to see that Tejo is in a very funny way correcting Fateh’s mood, then gets emotional and asks what is the problem, then Fateh says that there is tension of work.
 Then Tejo says to herself that I know how to fix Fateh’s mood, we see that Tejo plans a romantic date dinner, then suddenly Buzzo comes, then Tejo tells her to stay too.
Buzzo says to Tejo that Kandy won the price in school and Simran goes that you come tomorrow, I want to celebrate with you, then Tejo can not do that and she goes to the market to buy something for Kandy.
Cause we see Fateh comes and I ask what is going on between the two of them gossip then both of them are silent then all three enjoy dinner together the next morning we see Jasmine is irritated that Fateh is with her would not have been talking
The same then Jasmine goes to Fateh’s institute and tries to persuade Fateh by wearing a boxing kit. Fateh gets angry and asks her to leave but as usual, Jasmine emotionally blackmails Fateh
Jasmine apologizes to Fateh again and again but Fateh does not forgive Jasmine but due to such antics of Jasmine, Fateh forgives her then both of them leave for shopping.
Next you will see that in the same mall where husband and Jasmine are shopping, Buzzo And Tejo has come to get gifts for candy, there Fateh sees them both then Fateh calls Tejo where are you then Tejo She lies to him then Fateh calls Buzzo and he also lies and then Fateh gets angry and comes back home.
Then Fateh remembers her mother saying that Fateh was having an affair with Tejo and Buzzo, then Fateh injures himself, further we see Jasmine comes and questions Jasmine on Fateh’s question and then Fateh gets Tejo’s affair. There seems to be a little doubt above.

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