Udaariyaan 3 August 2021 Written Update

Udaariyaan 3 August 2021 Written Update Full Episode.

Udaariyaan 3 August 2021 Written Update.

In the upcoming episode of Udaariyaan, all of you are going to see that Fateh is going to invite Jasmine to his academy because Fateh has called Jasmine to do his work to talk about the raita that Jasmine has spread.

Let me tell you that as soon as Fatehi is about to leave the house, Tejo will come and say that I will also go with you, then Fateh will say okay, I will leave you college, then Tejo will say that I have taken leave from college today and I will go to the academy so that I can have some get the mood right

Now Fatehpur gets tensed because he has called Jasmine to the academy to talk, as soon as Teju is about to sit in the car, Fateh says that I have to go somewhere else to meet some people and that place Not of your type so I can’t take you then Tejo will feel a little bad but Tejo won’t say anything to Fateh and will get down from the car only then her younger brother’s call will come and he will say I have test and I need your help Then Tejo will go home to help her younger brother.

On the other hand you will see that Gippy is going to tell the whole truth to him that what Jasmine has done and how the bank is doing all the things to get Fateh, then Gippy will get a little angry and he Will say that why did not tell them till now that she is such a girl, tell you that where Gippy and her maternal uncle are talking, Tejo will also come there, in fact, she was playing to pick up some items and she would see those people. then go to them.

Now what will happen in the upcoming episode, will Fatehi tell Jasmine the truth and will be able to come between Tejo and Fateh or not, do comment and tell if you like this information, then stay in the website to get such information..

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