Udaariyaan 23 August 2021 Written Update.

Udaariyaan 23 August 2021 Written Update New Promo.

Udaariyaan 23 August 2021 Written Update New Promo
You will get to see shocking twists in the upcoming episode of Udaariyan 23 August 2021 because in the episode that makes Udaariyan you will see that Fateh is going to commit suicide that too with Jasmine.
Yes friends, you all know that Jasmine is telling Fateh that she will die without you otherwise she will give her life, tell you that Fateh who is he is going to die with Jasmine.
Yes, friends, in the upcoming episode of Udaria, all of you are going to see how both are sitting in the car and the one who is Fateh is very angry and Fateh is determined that he will live with Jasmine.
And when Fateh is driving, a truck is coming in front of him and he again looks at Jasmine and unfastens his seat belt and increases the speed of the vehicle.
Fateh is driving the car at full speed, while on the other hand, the truck is coming from the front and the speed of the truck is also very fast.
What you are about to see is that Jasmine’s heartbeat is also going to be fast, but will Jasmine Fateh give her life so easily, we do not think as you know that Jasmine wants to live and she wants to fulfill her dreams.
 Wants to go to Canada and she can never forget her dreams because Jasmine married Fateh for her dreams, now in the upcoming episode, what do you all think is going to be interesting, please tell by commenting.

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