Udaariyaan 18 August 2021 Written Update

Udaariyaan 18 August 2021 Written Update New Promo.

Udaariyaan 18 August 2021 Written Update New Promo

The upcoming episode of Udaariyan is going to be very shocking and interesting.
After which Jasmine will be very nervous, she will not understand what has happened to her husband and what to do, she will ask for lift from the coming vehicles and ask for help, after which a car will stop, Nemo Aunty will remain in that car and Lemon Aunty Will come out of the car and Nemo Aunty and Jasmine will go to the hospital with Fateh in that car.
When Tejo comes to know about this, Tejo also rushes to the hospital to meet Fateh, where he also sees Jasmine in the hospital, Tejo gets shocked seeing Jasmine and Tejo gets into thinking that Jasmine is here but what are you doing
On the other hand Nemo Mausi asks Fateh what you were doing there with Jasmine, then both Fateh and Jasmine fall silent. In the coming episodes, you will get to see a very interesting episode.

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