Pandya Store 4 August 2021 Written Update.

Pandya Store 4 August 2021 Written Update New Promo.

Pandya Store 4 August 2021 Written Update New Promo

The upcoming episode of Pandya Store is going to be very interesting and exciting. The upcoming episode starts when the festival is happening and all the women are present and they are not giving all the more to Suman that Suman adopt three or four children because You yourself have given birth to so many children instead of your daughters-in-law and maternal uncle also taunts her Suman.
On the other hand it is shown that Dhara is trying to handle everything but Suman is insistent and she says that I want a child but Dhara tells Suman that you should keep quiet for a while and introduce Shanti. Should be given but Suman gets angry even more and says okay I will be silent forever
And after some time she tries to give her life by jumping into the well, now the upcoming episode is going to be very interesting, will there be a movement of children in the house due to Suman’s insistence or not, do comment and tell to get more information. stay on the website.

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