Pandya Store 25 August 2021 Written Update

Pandya Store 25 August 2021 Written Update New Promo.

Pandya Store 25 August 2021 Written Update
In the upcoming episode of Pandiya Store, where on one hand Siwa and Ravi have signed the divorce paper, on the other hand it is now to be seen that Dhara has fainted and is being taken to the hospital due to which all the family members got upset. It is said that on one side where Shiva and Ravi are getting divorced, on the other side the earth has fainted and what has happened to the earth now but no one knows that now a happiness is going to come in the house.
When the doctor checks Dhara, that doctor comes to the whole family and tells that Dhara is pregnant, hearing which the whole family becomes very happy.
On the other hand, you will see that as soon as Anita reaches home, she will become fond of why the aarti of the stream is being performed and why everyone in the house is so happy.
 Then Krish comes from him and says that I am going to be chachu which Anita gets fond of hearing and she tells Krish what the fuck are you doing then Krish tells why you are not happy then Anita say no i’m happy
But she is very surprised that now Dhara and Gautam are going to be parents, now it will be interesting to see what Anita is going to do and what will be special in the coming episodes, we will update you soon mail, you must have liked the information.

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