Molkki 1 September 2021 Written Update New Promo

Molkki 1 September 2021 Written Update New Promo.

Molkki 1 September 2021 Written Update New Promo
The upcoming episode of Molkki is going to be very interesting Molkki is going to be seen in the upcoming episode that as we all know
 Virendra is coming to stay with his kids in front of Dhvani’s house and Virendra Purvi also apologizes and says that I had made a mistake and we further see that Daksh’s maternal grandmother decides that Dhvani is our daughter-in-law. will be made
In the new promo of Molkki that has been launched, we see that Purvi is waiting for Daksh when some goons come there and start teasing Purvi.
Then the former also says that leave your hand or else it will not be good with you, I am very fond of killing, my fiance must have come soon, he will teach you a lesson.
 But the goons who are there are dragging Purvi, then Virender reaches there and Virender sees all this and then he goes there and starts beating the goons badly.
But one of the goons stabs Virender in his hand and after stabbing me, I run away from there, what do you all think what will be special in the upcoming episode, please tell by commenting, hope this information is good for you. would have engaged.

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