Kundali bhagya 2 August 2021 Written Update.

Kundali bhagya 2 August 2021 Written Update Full Episode

Kundali bhagya 2 August 2021 Written Update Full Episode
In the upcoming episode of Kundali Bhagya on August 2, 2021, all of you will see that the truth about Preeta’s pregnancy has come to the fore and Sherlyn will try to humiliate Preeta and Kareena Bua will tell Preeta in the middle of the wedding but the doctor will do. A big secret will be revealed and the truth will say that Preeta you are pregnant.

In the upcoming episode of Kundali Bhagya 2 August 2021, the big secret will be revealed when the biggest secret will be revealed Yes friends, to humiliate Preeta and to defame Preeta, it will be revealed that Sherlyn did Preeta’s medical checkup. She had met the doctor from whom Preeta had done the checkup and Sherlyn had threatened that doctor that if you gave the correct report to Preeta that you are pregnant, then I will kill your family members and your husband and you all. will do

And further, Sherlyn will threaten the doctor and say that I do not have a child but you have a child who goes to school every day, think about him and fake the report and give it to Preeta and after telling all these things, the doctor is seen revealing Sherlyn in front of everyone. will come

The biggest amount was revealed when the doctor would say that I was compulsively told that Preeta you are not pregnant and I gave you the report by making a fake

But on the other hand, Sherlyn will humiliate Preeta when Sherlyn will make a big disclosure in front of Kareena Bua saying that Preeta is not pregnant then Kareena Bua will go to Preeta and Kareena Bua will angrily say to Preeta that if you are not pregnant then Preeta will get emotional. Will say that yes, I am not pregnant, Kareena bua will be very fond of hearing this and Kareena aunt will say to Preeta that why did you hide this thing from us and why have you kept us in deception till now Preeta will say that I am telling this to everyone. was about to tell and was about to tell you too

But due to the shock in the bus, I could not tell this thing to everyone but Kareena bua will be very angry and she will take Preeta’s hand and take it in front of everyone and Kareena will insult Preeta and Sherlyn will say in front of everyone that Preeta is not pregnant. And this has deceived all of us till now, because of which Preeta will start crying in front of everyone and Preeta will try to explain to the whole family that I was going to tell this thing to everyone, but seeing the happiness in your faces, I will tell you this. couldn’t tell everyone

But had heard on the big night when Preeta will come to know that she is pregnant and the doctor will call and tell Preeta that you are pregnant but don’t tell this to Sherlyn because Sherlyn had threatened me and to give you a false report. Somewhere and threatening me and said that if you tell the truth to Preeta, then I will destroy your family members, so I gave you a false report but you are pregnant and it is true

Hearing this, Preeta will be very shocked and she will not tell anyone for the coming six-seven months that she is pregnant, how much interest was there in the upcoming episode, tell us by commenting and stay tuned to get such information..

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