Kumkum Bhagya 27 July 2021 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 27 July 2021 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 27 July 2021 Written Update

In the upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya, you all will get to see that after the meeting of Riya Prachi and Ranveer’s mother, now Riya and Prachi will meet Pragya.

Friends, in the upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya, after Ranveer’s mother comes to know that Siddharth has married none other than Riya, then Ranveer’s mother will adopt Riya but Prachi will not accept her and will tell Ranveer that I have Riya has been adopted not Prachi so you can come to this house but not Prachi, Prachi will have to leave you only then you can come to this house.

But Riya will tell Ranbir’s mother that you adopt Prachi and forget the old things and we will all start a new life together after which Ranveer’s mother will adopt Prachi after hearing all this from Riya’s mouth and when Prachi is in her house. If she goes, she will see Pragya in the car on the way home, that’s why she will say, look at Ranveer, Pragya is going, then Ranveer will come that this cannot happen, this is your mind and you are seeing Pragya because your mother is at your time. keep thinking about

But Prachi is sure on herself that she has seen her mother Pragya and she came to this city so Prachi will go to the same place to find her mother Pragya where she had seen Pragya and went like this for two-three days continuously. Will go to the same place to find Pragya but Pragya will not find her

But one day it will come when Pragya will leave for office in her car, then she was shown standing in the middle of the way, after which Pragya will stop her car midway and get down from the car and go to meet Prachi where Prachi is standing. But for some time Pragya will just keep looking at Prachi and tears will come from Pragya’s eyes when Prachi will see Pragya. i don’t remember

Prachi will further say to Pragya that I told you where not a little, where did you go in these 2 years, mother, I was very upset, you could not find any distance, you could not find anything, Pragya would not be able to speak anything from Prachi’s mouth and that’s it. Will say so much that I had gone too far because I had to avenge the deceit given to my loved ones and that’s why I was getting ready in these 2 years to take revenge on these people.

You will see that the meeting of Pragya and Prachi will make you all emotional in the coming episodes, what do you all think whether Pragya and Prachi should meet or not, please tell by commenting..

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